The True Cost of Skipping Car Maintenance

You’re already perfectly aware that you need to have routine auto maintenance done by a Toyota auto repair shop in Garland TX, but one thing that you might be so aware of is the true cost of neglecting routine maintenance. Rather than putting off your next oil change or tire rotation, your bank account and your future self might appreciate bringing your car down to City Garage for an inspection.

Routine Maintenance

Routine maintenance is something that more than a few of us put off. We figure that if our car is running fine today that it’ll be working fine tomorrow and the next few days after. You can either spend roughly $1,000 to maintain your car, or cough up $8,000 for your poor maintenance habits.

Regular Oil Changes

It’s recommended that you bring your car in to a Toyota auto repair shop in Garland TX every four months, every 5,000 miles or whenever is suggested by your vehicle’s owner’s manual. You can pay an estimated $120 for a full year of oil changes, or $4,000 to have your engine repaired because it’s not lubricated as well as it should be by the oil.

Tire Rotation

By regularly rotating your tires, you make sure that they wear down equally, which can help with your gas mileage and how your car handles. A tire rotation that’s done every 7,500 miles can cost you about $50, or you can pay anywhere from $350 to $700 to have your tires replaced.

Timing Belt Replacement

Without a properly working timing belt, your engine will simply cut out. If you’re truly unlucky, your broken timing belt can also cause damage to your engine. Replacing your timing belt costs $600, but replacing your engine can potentially cost you $2,500.

For more information on the importance of car maintenance, or if you’ve been searching for a reputable Toyota auto repair shop in Garland TX, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and give us a call.