Oil Change

Oil Change

An Oil Change and Much More at Our Garland, TX Garage

When you entrust your vehicle to a mechanic for an oil change, do you know what they actually do to your car or truck? Are you aware of what type of oil they use, for example, or exactly what checks and tests they complete in addition to the oil change? When you make an appointment with us for an engine oil change, not only are you given a choice of different oils to choose from, we also provide a 30-point check which covers many parts of your vehicle, helping to make sure that any problems are spotted early on. Our aim is always to provide an exceptional level of care to all our customers and their vehicles, helping them to keep their cars on the road for longer for less.

What You Can Expect From Car Oil Changes When You Use Us

When you’re searching for an oil change near me in Garland, TX, come see us, where we give you far more than simply fresh oil. Before starting, we will determine whether a synthetic oil change is going to be most appropriate, or whether you would prefer a standard or environmentally friendly oil choice. Generally, we recommend synthetic oil, as your vehicle can drive for longer before a fresh oil change is required and synthetic oil helps to reduce unwanted build-up in your fuel system. In addition, synthetic oil also tends to work better in our warmer climate. Once we’ve decided on what type of oil to use, the mechanics working on your car will complete the following, in addition to changing the oil:

Replace the oil and fuel filters

Check tire pressures

Inspect the chassis and engine for signs of wear

This provides a comprehensive service that ensures your vehicle leaves us in premium condition.

Possibly the Best Place for an Oil Change in Garland, TX

Our goal is to provide every customer with the tests, checks and inspections their vehicle needs to spot any early signs of wear and tear, as well as make sure performance stays optimal. An oil change is a great opportunity to undertake a variety of other routine maintenance, minimizing the chances of things going wrong at a later date. We try to save you money – not only does regular servicing mean costly repairs are less likely, but if you do need a repair or replacement, we do everything we can to keep your bill as low as possible. For extra savings, why not join our Preferred Customer loyalty program?

Turn to Us for a Transmission Oil Change or to Buy Engine Oil in Garland, TX

From our oil change specials near me in Garland, TX, through to reasonably priced auto engine oil, we aim to keep prices low and customer care levels high. Why not take advantage of FREE Wi-Fi when you stay in our comfortable waiting area as your vehicle is receiving its oil change? Alternatively, we can drop your vehicle off where you want it (usually your home or workplace) when we’ve finished working on it, for no additional cost. To schedule your car or truck in for an oil change or other repair, use our virtual booking system or call us at (972) 530-2886.