New Tires

New Tires

The Best Place to Get Tires in Garland, TX

As tire service specialists, we know that providing high-grade new tires is only the start of what’s needed for successful service – exceptional fitting, correct balancing and alignment and plenty of assistance with appropriate information on prolonging the natural life span of the new tires should also form part of the package. When you turn to us after searching for ‘branded tires near me’, you can expect a comprehensive tire service that incorporates all the elements needed to keep your tires in great condition for as long as possible.

When Was the Last Time You Checked Your Tire Pressure?

Even the best tires aren’t going to last as long as they could unless you look after them properly! We recommend that you check your tire pressure regularly, adjusting the pressure to suit the road conditions and your intended load. Driving with your tires at the correct pressure not only reduces wear, it also improves handling and can also enhance safety by improving grip. As well as checking tire pressure, we also recommend that you inspect your tires for gouges, rips or dents – often a small abrasion can be easily and cheaply repaired, helping to prolong the life of your tire for a while longer. It’s also important to check the depth of your treads – the legal minimum is 2/32” for Garland, TX, motorists – if you realize your tires are reaching the minimum depth, make an appointment with us as soon as you can and we’ll be happy to replace your worn items with fresh discount tires.

Discount Tire Store Near Me in Garland, TX

When you buy tires from us, we will make sure that they are correctly installed on your vehicle, reducing the risk of uneven or excessive wear. Our trained, experienced mechanics are able to make sure that your tires are exactly as they should be, setting you up for potentially years of trouble-free motoring. If you notice your tires showing signs of wear, why not bring your vehicle in so that we can check them over? Not only can we tell you whether you need fresh tires or not, we are also able to take a look and check that your alignment and rotation is as it should be – we offer a FREE annual alignment test to all our customers – you can book yours now, using our FREE online system. When it comes to tires near my location, we try to both stock and fit some of the best tires you’ll find anywhere on the market.

Tire Shop Near My Location in Garland, TX, That Offers Excellent Customer Care

We put our customers first and are committed to providing them with the very best service that we can. From low prices and great workmanship through to a FREE drop-off facility for any vehicle we’ve worked on (we’ll return it to your home or business when we’ve done the work – no need to drop by and collect it), we always try to make your time with us memorable for the right reasons. To find out more or book an appointment for new tires, call us at (972) 530-2886.