If you’ve ever wondered about the life expectancy of your vehicle, and never fully gotten a tangible answer, the professionals at City Garage Garland can help. You could get a whole host of answers to the question of your vehicle’s longevity, ranging anywhere from 100k to 250k miles.

At City Garage Garland, we not only take into consideration your driving habits, your adherence to a maintenance plan, and your vehicle’s model and year; we also craft a service plan that is balanced and well-adjusted to the needs of your vehicle and your wallet.

Depending on how long you intend to keep your vehicle, we can craft a service plan that will make it last as long as you need it. City Garage Garland is here to make the difference in customer service. You can schedule an appointment either online or over the phone, and all of our locations offer free Wi-Fi to keep you occupied. Give us a call today for expert quality services with the professional expertise of our City Garage Garland mechanics.

We perform maintenance on all types of vehicles, new and old! We can also drop your vehicle off at your own convenience, and one of our servicemen will bring it to your home or office once the maintenance is finished. Also, save on your next service or repair by becoming a City Garage Preferred Customer. Right now, we are offering $25 off any maintenance service over $200. Give us a call today!