Your engine is an integral part of your vehicle. It is the essential heart and soul of the car you drive, and yet so many people don’t take into consideration that it needs as much, if not more, maintenance, as any other part of your vehicle. No other component takes as much wear as your engine, so it’s important to be examining, diagnosing, and taking your engine into consideration when you perform your routine maintenance checks. The professionals at City Garage Garland are experts at engine repair and replacement, and we are more than willing to share our expertise with you. Your car is important to us, and engine repair is just a part of what our ASE certified mechanics are expertly doing each and every day in your town. Don’t waste the abilities of our professional, courteous, and certified staff here at City Garage Garland, we can get your vehicle up and running like new in no time. City Garage Garland wants to help!

You can schedule an appointment either online or by phone for a repair diagnostic. In many cases, you won’t need a complete replacement, and anyone telling you differently may be trying to get money from you. Instead, City Garage Garland will properly and fairly diagnose your problem and suggest the best possible solution. All of the City Garage locations, including Garland, feature free Wi-Fi to keep you busy or entertained while you wait. We can also drop off your vehicle at your home or office when your repair is completed. Give us a call today!