Emissions tests are required every new year in Texas, and it is known as Air Check Texas. Though the requirements of the test differ based upon the county you live in, the professionals at City Garage Garland are able to get your car emissions so low that they can meet any standard.

If your vehicle doesn’t pass the initial emissions test, you can take another called the Emissions Repair Test. This test is meant to be taken after the necessary modifications have been completed on your vehicle. If your car doesn’t pass this test either, you can apply for a waiver of the test with the following specifications.

  1. Your vehicular use is minimal.
  2. Your emissions are low.
  3. The cost for the modifications to meet the standard are too high.

If you meet any of these criteria in a reasonable manner, you can be exempt from having to take the test.

Come to City Garage Garland to get your car ready for the emissions test! We’ve got some of the best mechanics in the area, and our ASE certification can speak for itself.  You can make an appointment are your own convenience, either online or over the phone. Give City Garage Garland a call today! We offer Free Wi-Fi at all of our City Garage locations, including Garland. Give City Garage Garland a call today and let our professionals make your emission repair a smooth and memorable experience.