Your car battery is one of the most ignored parts of the vehicle. In most cases, common problems are blamed on it, and replacements are performed when they don’t need to be. Let City Garage make the call for you, so you don’t have to! We know automobiles, and our experience in battery replacement services has given us the knowledge you need to truly take care of your vehicle.

Changing the battery yourself can be dangerous, and City Garage Garland suggests that you wear protective eye-wear and gloves. With a battery, especially an aging one, you can’t be sure of anything. There is a small chance of explosion, a much larger chance of electric shock, and the chance that you may incorrectly replace your battery. The professionals are here to help.

If you need a battery recharge, City Garage Garland is featuring a $10 coupon to be used for that very purpose. Let our ASE certified mechanics perform expert battery replacement for you, and do as all at a discount! If you need to make an appointment, you can do so over the phone or online. We will perform a diagnosis and checkup on the health and projected life of your battery. Get in touch with City Garage Garland today! Also, don’t forget to become a City Garage preferred customer to save on your next maintenance or all other offered services and repairs.