One of the most important aspects of your vehicles operation lies in the unit that controls your engine. That unit is called the ECU. (Engine Control Unit) This component of the engine provides governs the spark to ignite the fuel and start the engine, and to meter fuel to the engine in the right quantity. Your ECU can manage the emissions and the fuel economy system of your engine, and it keeps your vehicle from giving out to much quantity of any fluid in your engine. The professionals at City Garage Garland want to get your ECU putting out the proper voltage and staying at the proper temperature throughout the day. We are experts in our craft, and the computer diagnostics starting price at City Garage Garland is a value of $97!

Stop by your Garland City Garage auto repair location and let us update your computer diagnostics for you! You can schedule an appointment online or over the phone today! Give us a call! Get your vehicle inspected by one of our Garland ASE Certified Technicians. All of our locations offer free Wi-Fi to keep you busy while you wait, or to just keep you entertained! We also offer drop off services that allow you to go to work while we finish the repair, and when we are finished we will drop off your car at your home or office. City Garage Garland has got your back when it comes to ECU repair and engine health! Get in touch with City Garage Garland today.