If your alternator is bad, you aren’t going to get much success on the road. In even the best case scenario, features on your car won’t work, headlights may flicker on and off, and other similar electrical problems will make their entrance on your peace of mind. Don’t let an alternator get to you, and call the professionals who know exactly how to remedy your problems! City Garage is here to help!

Many people mistake alternator problems for battery problems. The alternator regulates the electrical current between different features of the car. It gets that electrical current from the battery, but oftentimes when there is flickering or inconsistency, it’s because of the alternator and not the battery itself. At City Garage Garland, you can get a repair without a hassle.

Driving with a weak alternator can be dangerous and unwise. Here at City Garage, we suggest that you take your car in for a diagnostic repair before ever driving with a bad alternator.

Your local Garland City Garage mechanics are able to provide a car alternator test. Stop by your Garland City Garage auto repair location and let a Garland ASE Certified Technician start your car again by doing a charging system repair. You can schedule an appointment either by phone or online, and all at your convenience! We have free Wi-Fi to keep you busy and /or entertained. Give us a call today!